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Native Language Project

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language cd's

language cd's

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The White Pines Association is now in the process of pressing the language cd sets. The first sets were sent to leaders of several bands: Chief Brian Chenevert, Chief April St Francis Merrill, Chief Luke Willard and Roger Longtoe. Sets are now in production to fill the long list of elders and citizens that have been waiting for this long process to get to this stage. We are delighted that we have been able to be of some help in saving the Abenaki Language by having a way to pass it on to others. We are only one small addition to the on going efforts by many Abenaki groups and individuals to save this important endangered language for the next generations. To all those who have ventured into the dedication of saving the Abenaki language the White Pine Association would like to thank you. A rising tide saves all ships and this movement will take alot of work and effort on many peoples part.

We thank you all for your understanding that it has taken some time to get this project to this stage.

Board of trustess the White Pine Association