White Pine Association’s National Geographic DNA Event Exceeds Expectations

North Haverhill, NH- On March 20 and 21, 2009 scientists from the National Geographic visited the area to add another tool of identifying and preserving the history of the Mission des Loupes area and people. In 1675, Jesuit Joseph Aubrey built a mission to Christianize the Indians of the Koas Meadows today known as the Oxbows. For hundreds of years the descendants of the meadow region assimilated with non native population as they moved into the region. The history of the meadows is an important part of what makes the people of Haverhill New Hampshire and Newbury Vermont unique today.

Taking a male and female from families who volunteered to have a DNA annalist under the 5 year National Geographic program hosted by the White Pine Association over the weekend will be used as an important tool for individual families to use in their own genealogy study as well as helping to give a migration pattern to our region. Approximately 400 family roots will be studied of families who have been in the region for hundreds of years. “This is so important to individual families,” state the White Pine Trustees, “and for us it will give us more information as we build detailed historic preservation programs to give to the area children so they can take pride in their colorful past and identity of who they are.”

On Saturday March 21 Professor Fred Wiseman gave a preview of his new film 1609 The Other Side of History.  Trudy Ann Parker told stories of Aunt Sarah, woman of the Dawnland and both she and Fred Wiseman were present for book signing. El Nu Tribal members found enough snow and ice in the field of the White Pine headquarters to have a game of snow snake.  The White Pine’s annual Snow Snake games scheduled in Feb were cancelled due to the blizzard that kept teams from travelling in from Akwesasne, New York, southern and northern Vermont.

The White Pine Association finished their raffle with winners being, First prize: Photo Session (value $150.00) donated by Sonkist Photo. Mike Wood   Waterbury, Vt. Second Prize: (value $100.00) One night lodging in the Jacuzzi room at Nootka Lodge. Donated by Nootka Lodge, Woodsville, N.H.  Colin Wood, Montgomery Center, Vt. Third Prize:  $50.00 gift certificate to Farmway.  Donated by Farmway, Bradford, Vt.  David Merfeld, Piermont, N.H. Fourth Prize: 2009 Garden seeds donated by Huntington Agway of North Haverhill,(value $30.00)  Kevin Fagnant, Fifth prize; Abenaki Book, “Voice of the Dawn” the history of the Abenaki Tribe.  Donated and written by Fred Wiseman. John Fullerton Jr., Woodsville, N.H.   Sixth Prize:  Abenaki Book “Reclaiming the Ancestor” Donated and written by Fred Wiseman.  Shannon Rice East Corinth,Vt. Seventh Prize: 4 tickets to Jax Jr. Cinemas.  Donated by Jax Jr. Cinemas, Littleton, N.H.  Katherine Gaudette,Piermont, N.H.  Eighth Prize: $20.00 gift certificate North Haverhill Pizza and Sub Shop, donated by owner.  Ron and Joanne Fullerton, Woodsville, N.H. Ninth Prize:  Gifts and Creations, donated by Dancing Star Creations, donated Milo Paquin.  Larry Coffin, Bradford, Vt.

The White Pine Association would like to thank the above supporters as well as sponsors; Wal Mart, Town of Haverhill, National Geographic, our board of trustees and Koasek of the Koas Tribal council of elders for their help in making this event a success that exceeded our expectations.