Newbury, Vermont and Haverhill, New Hampshire will be celebrating the birth of their towns in a year long active celebration throughout the year of 2013.  Whereas, Newbury and Haverhill see themselves as one large community the two will be setting full calendars to coordinate this incredible list of events. First including all annual events already in place the towns will add on to schedule with activities all year on both sides of the river.

The White Pine Association will be working with the communities to bring forth the Indigenous histories in activities of events and programs that were first introduced in Burlington Vermont’s Quad Celebration. The White Pine Association will add onto the events the celebration of Mission Des Loupes that was built in the Koas Meadows in 1675.

The Towns meet once a month at the Haverhill Selectmen’s office. These meetings will help coordinate all aspects of the 2013 celebration with the core committee and break out committees that will focus on individual merits of building such an event. We encourage organizations and individuals who would like to take part in this extremely exciting celebration to come to the meetings. For more information please call Nancy Millette Doucet Committee Vice Chair at 603-747-1015.